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Divorce Mediation Testimonials


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Excellent class!

Sep 15, 2014 by John Posch

I just finished the 40 hour basic course in Houston and can confidently say that this is the best way to learn mediation, bar none.

There is a superb blend of academic information, real-life examples, practical knowledge, and most important, mock mediations (we did 23 hours worth) where you are thrown right into the mix with a scenario that you have to mediate. It is very difficult at first because mediation requires a different problem-solving paradigm (open-ended questions) than most of us are used to, but through thorough coaching you gain a little more confidence each time. We all had it down pretty well by the end of the class.

Bob and Tracie have a great talent for teaching. They draw on a wealth of experience and impart it in a very useful way. The classes are fast-moving and stimulating, and you are really challenged to think. The skills learned in this class are useful even in other contexts - in the workplace or even with family (especially the listening skills).

I would definitely recommend this class!

Gold Standard!

Feb 13, 2014 by Michele Yanta

Can't say enough about the difference that gold standard mediator training with Bob Geiger and Tracie Zimmerman can make. My prior university training didn't even approach the degree of "muscle-building" I received through these case studies and mock mediation sessions. My ongoing success and self-confidence as a mediator is the happy result. Thank you.



Feb 01, 2014 by Mike Ezzell

Dear Tracie and Bob:

After we completed the mediation training, I knew that I wanted to put my thoughts together to express my gratitude to you both. However, it was necessary for me to spend a little time processing my thoughts and the content of the training and education that the class received during the last 40 hours of training before I could address the education and practical aspects of the training.

I have had a trial law ractice for over 33 years, and I have attended countless educational seminars and training during that time. I received Board Certifications in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law many years ago. I have attended Trial Academies to learn to better communicate with judges and juries. However, I have not been a part of an educational process such as the one you have put together that hss such a good combination of "education" and hands-on practice. I truly believe that my certification as a mediator is going to have a more concrete impact on my future career than the certifitions I have obtained in the past. I didn't count the actual hours we spent, but I believe fully half of the 40 hours of the course was spent in actual mediation...and real life scenarios as well. I can vouch for that, because I have found myself in the past on one side or the other of virtually every scenario you presented to us.

By the end of the course, I could really "feel" the improvement in my own abilities, and the increasing level of comfort that came with each of the several mediation scenarios through which we were led. The information we received on insight into different cultures, generations and personalities was evry bit as valuable as the mock mediations. That part of the training will go well beyond what I hope will be a successful mediation practice. That training will help not only in my current trial practice, but in my every day life "outside" of the office. After over 33 years as a trial lawyer, with your help I have been introduced to a new window for the next years of my career. I left the course last evening a bit tired after the hours of training, but actually excited about the new door that I believe you have helped me open. I do apologize for the length of my thanks to you both, but I assure you I could say much more but for my somewhat primitive two finger typing abilities (no doubt influenced by the lack of emphasis on keyboard skills placed on the baby boomer generation).

My sincere thanks to you both for your efforts and very thoughtful feedback.

Best regards,
Mike Ezzell
Cokinos, Bosien & Young
San Antonio, Texas

Class comments

May 04, 2013 by W. M.

Your instructors know what they are doing. I enjoyed the setting for your mock mediation. Classes started on time and followed the schedule. I enjoyed being able to observe an actual mediation. Wow, what a pro. I feel well equipped to begin my mediation practice.

W. M.
Senior District Judge

Thanks for the experience

May 04, 2013 by A. Robertson

I feel very comfortable in my ability to conduct a mediation. Your instruction brought clarity to me about the process. All the time spent in mock mediation in the beautiful mediation center was invaluable. Thank you for your commitment to the process.

Retired District Judge

Class Reviews Family Advanced

May 02, 2013 by Amy Masuda

Excellent curriculum .....great experienced instructors and speakers....great facilities in an actual mediation center. I really learned so much about the process in the hours of mock mediation. Also, it was great that you brought in lunch. We did not lose time and have the hassle, not to mention the expense, of going out. I can not imagine a better class. Thank you.

Austin Texas

Great Experience All Around!

Apr 16, 2013 by Amy Masuda

Great Experience All Around!

I am so thankful that I chose The Institute for Mediation in Houston to receive my mediator certification! I investigated many different programs before choosing this one. I could have chosen a program much closer to home, but after learning of the hands-on practicum included in the course I enrolled in this program. Not only did I receive excellent instruction from Dr. Bob Geiger and Tracie Zimmerman, the many other speakers were excellent, experienced, and the mock mediations were invaluable. Our classroom instruction encouraged open discussion, fun, and opportunities for feedback. This program also allowed and encouraged me to observe actual mediations taking place at the on-site mediation center. I was able to twice observe a highly skilled and experienced mediator in action.

The facilities were perfectly tailored to the mediation setting. Separate buildings containing attractive suites of sound-proof conference rooms and a reception area made the mediation process easy and the parties comfortable.

I completed the basic course and can’t wait to return for the advanced family law mediation certification. As a non-attorney paralegal, I feel confident that I have obtained the knowledge and skill from this program to begin building a mediation practice.

If you are in need of a mediator, an attractive and comfortable mediation location in Houston, or excellent training to become a skilled mediator, contact The Institute for Mediation and talk to Bob Geiger or Tracie Zimmerman. They will take good care of you!

Amy Masuda
Marble Falls, TX

Your training was great!

Dec 09, 2012 by John B. Polk

Dear Institute for Mediation,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to this, but I had my first mediation scheduled within a few days of receiving my mediation certificate from your class and thought my testimonial would be a bit more unique if I waited until it was over to provide this. Your course was invaluable to the parties I helped just last week in my first mediation. We settled AND never had to caucus in a family law divorce. As a lawyer, I have never had a successful mediation without caucusing. As a mediator, applying the techniques you taught and drilled in our mock-mediations, we never had to caucus and I was able to keep the parties focused and they settled their case within about two and half hours – I spent more time on drafting the MSA, which was fairly complicated due to the separate property issues!

Here’s the testimonial part – there are courses out there that focus on theory. Yet, each case is different and people themselves present challenges that require training practical skills in conflict resolution. It isn’t enough to dwell only on theory without any real training on the necessary skills to help people resolve their disputes. The National Institute for Mediation focuses on the practice of mediation, the process and practical application of specific tools crucial to successful conflict resolution. The speakers know what they’re talking about and I would absolutely call upon them if I had a challenge in a case and I know I could count on the advice I’d get. I’ve had other training and, thanks to what I learned from Dr. Geiger and his speakers, I think I could train those competitors’ speakers now! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so confident in my knowledge of how to mediate and I look forward to creating my own unique style as I try to distinguish myself in my career. I’ll keep you posted!

Just to show you what issues I was dealing with, I’ve attached a copy of the MSA. It was rather complicated. I considered this an “early intervention mediation.” A High School buddy of mine from Austin, whom I haven’t seen or spoken with in about 20 years, called me up and said he was planning on getting a divorce and didn’t want to hire lawyers if – IF – there was a way to resolve their dispute and then take that agreement to the lawyers to draft up. I told him I would be happy to mediate his case, I talked to his wife, who felt comfortable with what I told her about the process of mediation (that no one was going to force her to sign anything and that I encouraged her to have an attorney there if that would make her feel better, etc. – her father is a lawyer, and we mediated the case last Wednesday. They didn’t sign anything at the end because her father – the lawyer – wanted to review the MSA before she signed it. Apparently it was iron-clad enough to pass his inspection and they finally signed the agreement today! She is hiring a lawyer tomorrow to prepare a decree in conformity with the decree. I’m 1 for 1 baby.

Thanks again. I kept hearing you in my head all afternoon….. a big issue was that husband owned 3 houses, all purchased before marriage. If they get the divorce, she has to move out. She’s a recording artist (singer), and while she hopes to make it someday she doesn’t have much cash flow. So, naturally, her issue was how am she was going to get an apartment and pay for her immediate needs over the next 6 months. I kept saying “Now help me understand how your wife is going make it without any time to get a job and without even knowing, as we sit here today, how much she needs.” He finally came around and paid some serious money and freed up cash and that got the deal done. They both left happy and thankful– they even had dinner together that night!

Law Offices of John B. Polk

You taught this old dog new tricks!

Sep 06, 2012 by Richard Lee Daniels

Hello Institute for Mediation:

I wanted to thank you both for the excellent advanced family mediation seminar this last week. I was impressed with the organization and the talent of the speakers who participated. The scope of the course material was diversified and comprehensive, and provided in-depth insight into the complicated multi-faceted issues that a family law mediator will have to address in the process of family conflict resolution.

The thirty (30) hour course was intense, but well worth the time and financial investment. The course and the program speakers addressed and clarified the different mediation approaches, and how they applied to both attorney/mediators and non-attorney/mediators.

I was very impressed with the inclusion of family violence, and domestic violence issues presented by representatives of Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. The presentation of the violence in family issues, and the appropriate response and actions for a family law mediator are invaluable.

The revelation of all the course participants was universal in acknowledging the vast scope of issues involved in the conflict resolution process and mediation and settlement of family law cases.

Once again, thank you for a very positive and informative program.


Richard Lee Daniels
-Attorney at Law

Institute For Mediation 800-878-1656 Houston TX, 77040 USA 5.0 5.0 9 9 I just finished the 40 hour basic course in Houston and can confidently say that this is the best way to learn mediation, bar none. There is a superb blend of academic informat