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Work Place Dispute Resolution


Workplace Conflict Resolution


Workplace Conflict Resolution Seminar Comes to Houston, Texas

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Workplace Conflict Resolution


Workplace conflict Resolution

We work with companies, management and employees to resolve conflicts. In a global economy with high demands on both companies and employees, conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Unresolved conflict is costly and can be highly detrimental in the workplace. Studies have shown unresolved conflict does not typically go away on its own, but is incredibly costly to organizational productivity through strained relationships, warring groups within, employee turnover, absenteeism, injury and accidents, litigation and sabotage. Resolving conflict effectively often means bringing in an outside resource as a neutral party. As that outside resource, we will assist you in resolving conflict so your organization can get back to work.

Workplace Mediation

We assist companies with dispute and conflict resolution, working directly with your management team and employees. Our conflict resolution specialists are mediators with backgrounds and expertise that include business, executive management, human resource management, legal and professional consulting. Bringing in a neutral party establishes credibility with your employees that you want unbiased, fair resolution of the conflict. We focus on resolving the conflict, and establishing a solid plan to move forward.

Workplace Training

The cost of unresolved conflict is largely avoidable if your company learns to effectively manage conflict. Conflict has a negative effect on staff engagement, productivity and working relationships, with company managers estimating 30% – 40% of their daily activity is spent trying to resolve conflict. We offer training programs focused on providing your company with effective conflict management skills. Our training includes programs specifically for leadership, Human Resource professionals, management teams and employee groups.


Coaching can be a highly effective way to provide your team with conflict management skills. We coach managers, executives and high potential individuals one-on-one for success in managing conflict. Studies indicate that the ability to handle conflict is considered a critical skill for leadership, yet over 90% of the workforce has never had formal training in conflict management. Our conflict management coaches are qualified, experienced coaches/mediators who work with your employees individually to lead or perform to the best of their ability.

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