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How Much Child Support Will I Pay

In the state of Texas, child-support is established by the family code. While there are many calculators on the Internet that will give you an approximate child support payment, this calculator is the exact  formula used by the state of Texas in the Attorney General to establish the payment. It is important to remember that  The best way to deviate from this guideline is to establish an agreement in mediation. It is how do I clean and probable that without an agreement from both parties if the case goes ro litigation the amount ordered for child support payment will be the amount  calculated using the formula in this child support calculator. It is important to remember that Mediation will offer alternatives not available in litigation or the court trial. Call today and find out how Mediation can help you with  your child support or divorce proceedings. It is never too early to call. Call one 800–8 78–1656. The consultation is free.