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Divorce Mediation Rio Grande Valley

Divorce Mediation Rio Grande Valley

Divorce accomplished by mediation is a relatively new process in the state of Texas. It has been around for over 20 years but Relatively speaking that is a short period of time. In the bigger cities such as Houston San Antonio and Dallas mediation has been used more extensively than it has in the smaller cities in Texas. What the big cities have known for years The smaller cities are yearning as more and more mediators are trained in the smaller areas. A well trained Mediator knows that he is a neutral and cannot make decisions for the individual parties. Are mediators are all well trained and experienced and know that they cannot make decisions or judgments for the individual parties. If the parties cannot reach an agreement in mediation then the courts can make the decision and well. We are proud to say that are mediators enjoy the success ratio between 75 and 85% of the time reaching agreement between the parties.

Mediation saves time, energy, attorney fees, and emotional stress, not to mention the possible cost savings of 10’s of thousands of dollars in many cases. Divorces can be completed in most cases with or without attorneys, and when agreement is reached, most of the time, without litigation.

After you and your spouse reach agreement in mediation you will leave the mediation with the mediated settlement agreement also known as an MSA. The MSA can then be blended into a petition for final decree of divorce. All of the specifics of the divorce are listed in the MSA and can be incorporated into the final decree for divorce which is filed in the proper court by an attorney. After a period of 61 days from the date of filing with the court your divorce can be final. This may vary a few days according to the court docket.

We offer a free consultation by phone for the parties to see if they may benefit by using mediation instead of litigation. The free phone consultation is to answer any questions parties may have about the mediation process. We will not give legal advice to either party in the consultation but will answer any questions as it relates to the mediation process.

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This website is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. You are encouraged to speak to your attorney about any legal questions as it relates to mediation.

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