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Confidentiality in High Profile Divorce

You might ask yourself, just why does it matter that the world will know the details of my high profile divorce . When someone goes through a litigated divorce, the world can and will see “all of the dirty laundry hanging on your line.” Knowing this should make you ask yourself just what was the problem in the recent divorce that Tom Cruise went through. In other words, you did not see any of the details of his high profile divorce with Katie Holmes.

How is it that athletes, actors, politicians and other high profile individuals actually go through a high profile  divorce and you never hear more than speculation about the issues of the divorce. What do these people know that is not available to the average person when they go through a divorce.

The answer to most of these situations is the manner in which the divorce is handled as well as where the divorce is handled. Having seen the detrimental, damaging, and painful results of some terms of divorce being public information, we recommend that individuals do everything in their power to maintain confidentiality in any divorce proceedings. Taking time to keep things confidential will pay dividends in the lives of both parties. You never know when the results of a divorce will come back to bite later in life. If you do not take time to arrange a confidential divorce you may be sorry later in life. Politicians, athletes, and many professionals have had adverse decisions made affecting their life many years after a divorce. While society is growing more accepting of a divorce, there still can be problems ahead just by having the wrong person dig into court records open to the public).

Actually, in most cases it is less expensive to handle divorce matters in a confidential manner. Let us show you how to keep your divorce private, and out of reach of those that might hurt you with adverse information in the years to come.

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