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Welcome to the National Institute for Mediation, your destination for certification to become a mediator. With our comprehensive mediation training services, you will have the chance to learn from a team of professional mediators who have more than 130 combined years of experience.

Since mediation is an art form that one must practice, we do not simply teach mediation theory. Through our training program, you will have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of mock mediations. During this time, you will hone your skills and learn how to become a successful mediator.

You can find  our mediation facilities in Houston, Texas, at beautiful Greenway Mediation Center.  Browse our site for more information about our facilities and the training services we offer.

If you are in need of mediation services yourself, you can retain a member of our team to mediate on your behalf. Our faculty has mediated over 30,000 disputes, ensuring that we deliver the insight you need to succeed.

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Our facilities are some of the best in the world. In Houston, we teach in a professional mediation center that has  28 mediation rooms. This is in addition to the auditorium where we teach our class. Mock mediation is done in the smaller mediation rooms, where possible, with an observer who is a pro. Classes taught outside of Houston are taught in a class room setting. Mock mediation is a big part of our preparation for you to become a mediator. Theory is great and you will get that at the Institute for Mediation but, theory will not make you a great mediator. That is only half the process. You will drill and be involved in dozens of mock mediation from start to finish.
Our classes in Houston are taught in a manner that you will not have to miss a weekday to become trained as a mediator. The classes are held on Thursday and Friday night and all day on Saturday. We add Sunday for the advanced family course. In cities outside of Houston, the training is done on a schedule that is as convenient as we can make it for all parties.

Approved by the State of TX Bar for MCLE’s. Unlike some schools we do not charge any additional for the MCLE’s. Some schools charge as much as $15.00 after you have paid for the course. The classes are approved for continuing education credits by other organizations including but not limited to the Texas Department of Insurance, the Texas Real Estate Commission, and the HR Certification Institute

Our prices are fair and reasonable. We have a one price for all and do not have different levels for different people like many schools. Our prices are low and fair from the start.

Our faculty has over 120 years of combined experience in mediation and has completed over 30,000 mediations. These mediators come from practices where they specialize in many different areas. That will give you an insight into areas you may want to specialize. In addition, we offer an internship program that allows you to observe actual mediations and co-mediate after the observation period with members of our faculty.

In order to save time and your money. We will feed you lunch on the days that you are here all day. That will be any Saturday or Sunday that you are in class.


Why The National Institute for Mediation for your Mediation?

Mediation is an art. No two mediations are exactly alike and no two mediators are exactly alike. Here at the Institute for Mediation, our mediators have a lot of different tools in their tool box for mediation. They are prepared to adapt the mediation to the requirements or conditions as they change. Our mediations are done in one of the largest mediation center in the United States.

There are two issues when it comes to mediations that are paramount to lasting success of the agreement that is reached. The first issue is confidentiality. When you reach an agreement it is usually best if the parties, their attorneys, and the mediation staff can maintain confidentiality as to the parameters of the settlement. Our mediators are professional and that confidentiality has been a part of our program for decades. Our facilities are designed for mediation and that helps with sound proofing, and location of mediation rooms. The Greenway Mediation Center is comfortable, and provides amenities, such as snacks, break areas, and clean rest rooms that make the process more comfortable.
The second issue for most when it comes to settlement is what is the cost in both money and emotional currency. While our mediators do mediation on a daily basis, they know you do not and are there to answer any questions you might have and help lower your anxiety during the process.

Call us today to schedule your mediation and let us show you how the professionals do it.

Toll Free: 800-878-1656
Houston:  713-581-8223