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We are most proud of the talent that is possessed by our faculty. We have over 140 years of combined experience and ten’s of thousands of successful mediations. The faculty is composed of mediators who work full time as mediators. The compliment of mediators stretch from attorneys, certified financial planners, to psychologists and HR specialists. This broad based knowledge will lead you multiple options and areas to build your mediation career. Become a mediator and find new options for your career.

Our Instructors have spoken world wide on the issue of mediation and other forms of ADR. Our faculty has well over 30,000 mediations. With that said there is also well over 120 years of experience mediating. You have a great wealth of experience to draw from when you are taught by a faculty like that. The faculty has members who are attorneys, judges (retired), therapist, and HR specialist. It gets better than that. Unlike some training programs, you will not meet in a hotel conference room and do your mock mediations in the hotel lobby. The Institute for Mediation trains in an actual mediation center. You will be working and learning in a center that has 28 mediation rooms as well as several large conference rooms. The Greenway Center is one of the largest in the world. Your mock mediations will be overseen by seasoned mediators who will be there to help you learn the art of mediation. Our classes are limited in size in order that we can give you the attention you so richly deserve.

Beth Dickson

Certified Divorce Financial Planner / Mediator

Jacqueline Lucci-Smith

Retired Judge / Mediator

Norman Roser

20+ Years Full Time Mediator

Richard Lee Daniels

Cross Cultural Mediator

Robert Geiger

Mediator 23+ years specializing in Divorce and Personal Injury.

Thomas Stansbury

Retired Senior Family Court Judge / Mediator

Tracie Zimmerman

Mediator-Family Law Including Divorce, child support, custody, and work place conflict Consultant

Danielle Comeaux

Full Time National Mediator

Lewis Harley

Ethics Professor / International Attorney / Mediator

Cavers-J--Shannon---(1) Shannon Cavers

Family Law Attorney / Mediator

wayne_mallia Wayne Mallia

Retired District Judge / Mediator