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Mediation Training

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Mediation TRAINING


We are here to help you become and remain the best mediator you can be.

Our goal is to offer you the gold standard in mediation training. Our training meets or exceeds the required course material from the Texas Mediators Round Table and is approved by the Texas State Bar for MCLEs as well as CEUs for the Real Estate Commission and the Texas Department of Insurance.

Our classes in Houston are taught in a manner that you will not have to miss a weekday to become trained as a mediator. The classes are held on Thursday and Friday night and all day on Saturday. We add Sunday for the advanced family course. In other locations the schedule may vary but is usually done on week days.

Approved by the State of TX Bar for MCLE’s. Unlike some schools we do not charge any additional for the MCLE’s. Some schools charge as much as $15.00 after you have paid for the course. As stated above the basic class is also approved by the Real Estate Commission in Texas and the Department of Insurance for the State of Texas. Also, CEU’’s are offered in HR.

Our prices are very reasonable. We have a one price for all and do not have different levels for different people like many schools. Our prices are low and fair from the start.

In order to save time and your money. We will feed you lunch on the days that you are here all day. That will be any Saturday or Sunday that you are in class. There are refreshments and drinks at all times on all days.


There are 20 full hours of practice mediation or mock mediation so when you leave the training you will have seen and done mediation from start to finish. You will have instructors working and observing you while you practice. We limit the size of the class in order to be able to give you the attention you so richly deserve.

You will have timely breaks and meal times. You will be given a schedule at the beginning of class and from that we run the class. If you need to make calls they can be scheduled to meet the schedule.

You are encouraged to ask questions and they will be answered within the time restraints that we have. You are welcome to ask questions of the instructors as well. This is your time to learn and we promise you will certainly have that chance.

Please be on time. The class has the approval of several organizations and they all, including the Texas Bar, require we give you the time represented. We will cover all the requirements of the Texas Mediators Round Table and the Texas Bar. The material is thorough, but you will learn and be challenged.

We will have fun and you might just find yourself laughing or at least smiling big time. In mediation, you never ever know what will be thrown your way. We will help you develop a catchers mitt and show you how not only to catch the curve balls but throw them back in a way to bring about reconciliation.

Approved by the Texas State Bar for MCLEs

Approved by the Oklahoma State Bar for MCLEs

Also approved for HR CEUs, Real Estate Commission CEUs, Department of Insurance CEUs for the State of Texas

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