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Divorce Mediation-Save Thousands on Your Divorce

In  Texas today divorce mediation San Antonio is becoming not only the choice of courts but also the choice of people who have not even gotten to the litigation process for divorce. Mediation has become part of the process of divorce in almost every county in the state of Texas. It is recognized by the Supreme Court in the state of Texas in regards to settlement of divorce.A little known fact foremost you are going through a divorce is the fact they can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars by using mediation instead of litigation. That means instead of going to court and fighting it out with attorneys and a court that decides your fate in divorce, the party sit down with the mediator and work towards a resolution or agreement in the form of a settlement that will allow both parties to move on with their life and one that both parties can agree to. In mediation no issue is decided for you. You and your spouse must agree on every issue. As stated above, no issue will be decided for you or imposed upon you by the mediator. If you cannot come to a complete agreement then the court can and will decide for you. It is clear that it is easier and better for the parties to reach an agreement on your own, rather than have one imposed by a court.

Mediation saves the parties time, money, court battles and emotional stress. Mediation is successful in a very high percentage of cases. In fact in most counties The parties will be ordered to mediation at some time in the divorce process by the court. The timing of the Divorce Mediation affects not only the length of time too precious for divorce in the courts but also can greatly influence the cost of processing that divorce by the court and the attorneys.

If successful in the mediation process you will leave with a mediated settlement agreement, commonly called an MSA, which will then be incorporated into a pleading for a final decree for divorce by an attorney and he or she will then file that with the courts and your divorce will be final as soon as 61 days after the filing by the attorney. Documents are available in Spanish and English.

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