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Basic Mediation Training Class San Antonio


BasicMediation Training

San Antonio

Sign up for our San Antonio, Texas mediation classes. The Institute for Mediation Training will hold our basic mediation training classes on alternating months. The classes we offer take place at different times throughout the month; see the specific schedule below. If you are interested in our advanced family mediation training, refer to the advanced family schedule below. Our class is taught in an actual mediation center. This  means your mock mediation that you participate in and the classes will be done in an actual mediation center. This is important to add authenticity and give you the feeling of an actual mediation. The basic mediation class consist of   20+ hours of Mock Mediation. You will learn the techniques and skills needed for actual mediation.


Basic Mediation Training

20 8AM-6:30 PM

21 8AM-6:30 PM

22 8AM-6:30 PM

23 8AM-6:30 PM



     Prerequisite for this class is Basic Mediation
Nov 2015



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