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Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinator

The parenting coordinator can and does save a family money, reduces court time, reduces attorney fees, and generally makes the life in the family a more peaceful and organized life. The position of parenting  coordinator is relative new to the Texas Courts, but has caught on in many areas. The parenting coordinator is bound by confidentiality with the family and all the work he or she does with a family, excluding abuse. The coordinator can show the family how to cooperate with one another and make the family  a more peaceful family. There are those that think the parenting coordinator brings additional cost and encumbrances to the family. White this may  be true in a few minor situations, in the majority of cases where the family finds itself on the family court docket on a regular occasion, the parenting coordinator can become the best thing a family has going if he or she keeps the family out of court. As a matter of communicating with the court, the family coordinator makes only a simple report to the court. That report is to contain only the words, the family is benefiting or the family is not befitting from the presence of a parenting coordinator. All parenting coordinators are first mediators before  becoming family coordinators. Call us today to see how a parenting coordinator can help you. 800-878-1656