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Divorce Mediation Locations


Divorce Mediation Locations

Divorce Mediation Locations are convenient to almost all areas.map of texas If by chance you do not live in an area that is convenient, you can use our remote mediation system. This system uses a customized system that allows the mediation to be done just as it would if you were in one of our offices. Even the documentation  can be handled over the net and of course the whole mediation is legal and serves as the basis of a divorce. This saves you the parties thousands of dollars.  The Institute for Mediation offers mediation in many different locations.  Mediation can resolve conflict of all types and save the parties thousand of dollars in the process.  It is our belief that mediation should be available in all areas of the country. We will continuously try to build the areas we serve and offer more types of services to those areas that are related to the mediation process.  Some of these services are family facilitation, family coordination, divorce and family matters including child support, child support modifications, child possession or custody and custody modifications. Call us today to see how we can help you.




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